Ég és föld között repülj velem – Good bye Cipő

Születni kell újra meg újra, indulni kell a háborúba
és harcolni kell, meghalni és szeretni még nem elég
Születni kell minden nappal újra, álmodni azt, ami nem válhat valóra
és harcolni kell, meghalni és szeretni még nem elég

Ég és föld között repülj velem, vezess át az életen, napot fess a szürke holdra!
Ég és föld között repülj velem, vezess át az életen, vigyél át a túlsó partra!”
(részlet – Bódi László Cipő: Ég és föld között)


Bódi László on Wikipedia

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Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Trailer

Well…the waiting never gets easier.

What the human race did in the last 100 years ?

Below its an interesting video of the last 100 years. For each year the most notable event is featured. Unfortunately very few of them are positive events. Most of them are war related and a little bit Germany focused (the creator might be German ?).

100 Years in 10 minutes

The best ad in the world

In my humble opinion this is the best ad in the world

The funniest Volkswagen commercial

Darth Vader and the Volkswagen

Are we people ? Or just animals ?

I am without words!


This is no forgery. It’s sadly true!

A brief history of my mobile phones

This probably is just for me, for future reference, when i will be old and have probably forgotten all this stuff. There are almost 10 years since i use mobile phones. I bought my first mobile phone in 2001 when mobile phones weren’t as mainstream as they are today.

ericssona2628My first phone was an Ericsson A2628. I had it almost for two years (from 2001 until 2003) before the keys started to broke down and especially the 5 key was no longer responding to any input i tried to do. The phone was under warranty so i took it back to the shop where i bought it. They kept it for two weeks and fixed it but after only 1 month it broke again. So i took it back one more time and after 1 more week they came to the conclusion that it cannot be fixed. So they offered to give me another phone. I liked this one so i asked for an identical phone. Unfortunately it was not on stock anymore and i had to choose a different one.

Status: taken back by shop as it broke under warranty period

motorolav2288So i choose the only phone i liked from their offer. It was a Motorola V2288. This phone lasted from around 2003 until 2005, almost 3 years. It was the only non Ericsson (or SonyEricsson) phone i owned. I liked it because it was a robust phone and it had a rough life with a lots of falls and other types of “punishment”. The only problems i had were with its charger, which broke and i had to buy another charger for it. It also had a headset and radio which i also liked to listen while i was commuting to school or work  (my first year as employee).

Status: I still have it in some box somewhere.

sonyericsson t230In 2005 i bought another phone, the first SonyEricsson. It was the SonyEricsson T230, my first mobile with color display and WAP internet access!. But this phone was also the one i had for the shortest time, less then one year. I wanted a phone with Bluetooth and a bigger screen. And this one also had the disadvantage that sometime its software just froze and i had to restart it. But overall it was a nice phone.

Status: sold it to a friend

sony_ericsson_z520iIn 2006 came the SonyEricsson Z520i. This was my first clamshell/flip form factor phone. It was also the first with Bluetooth and Infrared support. To date this is my favorite SonyEricsson phone and i still use it as a backup phone when my other phone is not working. I like it because its robust, it is a flip phone , when closed is very small and when open you have a full size phone in your hands. Also the flip feature replaces the keypad lock feature (which is very annoying in my opinion). From this phone i started using the mobile internet and its true power, although the browser in this phone is very basic. One of the disadvantages of this phone is the fact that like its predecessor it often froze and i had to restart it by removing the battery. It was also the phone that lasted the longest. From 2006 to 2009 as main/regular use phone and since then its a backup phone.

Status: still in use as backup phone with its own SIM and phone number.

sony-ericsson-g900-mobile-phoneIn fall 2009 i decided its time for a smarter phone. So after a long deciding process i bought the SonyEricsson G900. It was advertised as the smartphone for the masses. It had touchscreen, Symbian applications, a more advanced browser and a huge screen. Still it was the phone that disappointed me the most. The software froze frequently, the range of applications it could use was  limited. In spring 2011 while skiing, i hit a cable car’s restraining bar with it and its screen cracked to an extent that it was no longer usable. For a few months while waiting for the launch of the Xperia Arc i went back to the SonyEricsson Z520i.

Status: in a box with broken screen. Still usable as a modem for the laptop Winking smile (tested)

24_sonyericsson-xperia-arc-640x426One week ago i had received my newest phone, the SonyEricsson Xperia Arc. I’m waiting for this phone for half a year, since it was announced back in January. It became available from the 1st of April but here in Romania it appeared only 10 days ago. I ordered it at once. Its my first Android phone and i’m still getting used to the system but i like it more and more. I have no conclusions yet but i’m planning to write a review when i think i have enough information.

Status: in daily use

100 Best Movie lines in 200 seconds

Great compilation!

100 Best Movie lines in 200 seconds

2011 wish list

Well, 2011 started long time ago, but half of it is still in front of me. I have still a few wishes for this year. And i write these things down for reference, so when occasionally i come here to be able to see how am i doing in my quest to achieve these things.

So for 2011 (or what has left of it)  i wish :

  1. Two weeks of vacation, somewhere in the countryside
  2. To be more organized and disciplined on my daily activities (at work or at home).
  3. To grow my websites and reactivate some of the old, unmaintained ones. This means more content, more work and a better connection between them.
  4. To spend more time with my family
  5. A SonyEricsson Xperia Arc
  6. To cook more often the real and tasty food that i like (today i just realized how good of a cook i am)

(the order is not an indicator of the importance)

Nissan Leaf commercial

Nissan Leaf – the 100% electric, zero gas car